22 Travel Tips from Frequent Flyer Parents

Are you planning for your next flight with little ones? Take a little look below to see how you can make the trip a little easier.

A little while back we asked our Facebook followers what tips they would give other parents for flying with their children.

We’ve picked out some of the ones we thought we should share with you.

If you see we have included your tip below, send us a message on Facebook using the account you wrote the tip on and we’ll give you a little surprise 😉

Do you have a tip that wasn’t mentioned? Or perhaps or disagree with one of these tips and advise on another approach? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Organise: Prepare for anything!

Unpacking the Bedbox
Store all you need for the flight in the BedBox.

“Try to go with the flow, pack spare outfits in zip lock bags and have a good stash of snacks.”

Jo Collins

“Before a long haul flight get into PJs in the terminal so they get on board ready to sleep and you are not trying to do it all in the seats.”

Sarah Cook

“Go with the flow but also plan plan plan… that will make going with the flow easier!”

Caroline Watson

“Relax and try to be prepared for anything.”

Shereen Awuapara Flores

“Choose your battles and be prepared/organised with lots of food.”

Marie-Chantal Nolet

Bring grandparents or family. It makes the trip even more fun and they can babysit the kids while parents get some much needed alone time.

Sharon Quan Arouchanov

“Avoid overpacking of kids essential items.”

Sheryl Chua

Food: It’s all about the take off and landing

Waiting at the gate

“Y un tip fue llevar caramelos paras masticar durante el descenso del avión”

In English: “Chew a candy for landing”

Ana Corsaro

“Always give them their favourite snack during taxi and landing.”

Jackie Wanwei Guan

“Hold back some fluids until the last 30min so they can adjust to the pressure.”

Mike Skiby

“For infants make sure you give them liquid for taking off and landing.. for toddlers and older kids a lollipop for take off and landing. It helps with the elevation and doesn’t both their ears.”

Tammie Le

Activities: Keep it light + easy

boy watching ipad

“Crayola mess free markets only colour on the paper. So no messy scribbles to clean up after!”

Abby Macaulay Correia

“Always bring some paper and crayons.”

Sigrid Folvik

“Bring one small wrapped gift for each hour you are in the air. Every hour, on the hour, your child gets to open something new” Hot wheel cars are perfect for this.”

Kirsten De Jesus

“Because books can be heavy and bulky, we downloaded books onto our fire tablet and that seems to work great. Also just accepting that you are a parent and this time should be dedicated to your children. Spend time singing songs, doing fun hand games and telling stories.”

Calina Johnson

My advise even if you don’t usually let them use one, take a tablet with lots of their favourite games and videos, let them use it and let them sleep as much as they want, deal with resetting routines later.

Richard O’Sullivan


+ Finally

Happy Flyers
7 years old and the BedBox is still an essential for the flight.

Slow travel makes for more indept discoveries… and diminishes the risk of tantrums.

Jade Aubut-Boucher

“If you see any mom or dad with babies crying or having a bad moment during the flight, it would be nice to help them.”

Maya Pezet

“Don’t apologise for your child being a child. By apologising you are saying the child isn’t justified in their cries. Children can cry when they are sleepy, hungry, uncomfortable etc. They don’t have a way to verbally express themselves. The adults can adjust to the child. “

Sherry Cabellon

“Throw out all the rules you previously had in the home and just let it go on the flight. When you are stuck for a 15+ hour flight, any and everything to make it easier I would do. So junk food? Sure why not? iPad time? Anytime dear, and I’ll even load new apps for you. Always book the night flight. My baby went out like a light for 6 hours with a 1am flight so I was able to get some sleep too, unbelievable right?”

Irene Ng

“Try not the emphasise the ‘dreaded journey’, calm parents breed calm children so if you remain chilled for your flight or roadtrip be it 3 hours or 30… trying to enjoy every moment rather than fret will make for the most memorable. Also always take hand sanitizer.”

Jacqueline Radford Bury

“Remind yourselves of the reason you chose to go on the family holiday in the first place and look forward to the adventure that lies ahead”

Laura Huish

Sleeping on the BedBox
Karin is five years old and 125cm and is able to curl using the BedBox to make her long haul flight more relaxing.

Many of us at JetKids are frequent flyers with young children, if you’re worried about your upcoming flight with children, just send us an email or message on Facebook. We’ll help you problem solve to put your mind at ease.

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