5 Family Trends for 2019

As we welcome in the New Year, what are the big things we notice that will shape travelling with children in 2019?

1. Gramping

A large French house behind a pool.

Families in 2019 will be asking grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins to join them on a trip. Bigger rental properties or larger hotels will be booked to accommodate the multigenerational guests. Grandparents are so eager to spend time with their grandchildren before they grow up. A week or two on holiday is the perfect way for them to have that undivided time. Plus, it means a free babysitter for the parents!

The beautiful house above can accommodate a large multigenerational family and is set in the heart of France. Why not even book this one by clicking here!

2. Low-key local.

What better way to get your children to experiment with the local food than by finding a local cooking class for them to fully experience a culture? Or perhaps spending a day volunteering. We’ll see families keeping holidays more conscious of their environmental footprint on the place they are visiting. Souvenirs will not be about taking things back but about memories of giving something back to a place that has provided for a family experience.

Next time you take an evening stroll along the beach, remember to take bag with you to collect any rubbish you find along the way. It makes for a particularly rewarding “treasure” hunt for children!

3. Train-cation.

A girl and mum watching a train go past

Have you ever thought about the amount of interesting places you can go just for the weekend? Skip the plane and hop on a train. You don’t even need to go to a touristy town. Sometimes a quiet family friendly hotel is all that is needed to break up the busy weeks. Children will find the adventure equally as frilling.

4. Easy-Peasy 12 hour flight.

Lots of children and suitcases at airport
Credit: @flyingwithfour (Instagram)

12 Hour Flight – Easy? But did you know that in 2019 long-haul destinations will become more accessible? For example, US carriers flying to Hawaii will become cheaper, making it easier for Europeans to hop to San Fransisco and over and on to Hawaii at an ever falling ticket price. We’ve also heard that Sri Lanka and Vietnam will be big for families to visit this year.

Where will you be off to this year?

5. Knowledge Shared.

3 children sitting on BedBoxes in front of a plane.

And after the trip? After the experience and the knowledge learned? The lessons learnt will be shared. Facebook Groups themed around families travelling are growing in popularity. You can even find a Facebook Group dedicated to a certain hotel in order to ask past guests particular questions.

We even have our own Facebook Group for Flying With Kids. Click here to join and ask a question or share a tip.

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