5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

”Being first with something new is a challenge in itself”

We are celebrating turning 5 years with Christina, our co-founder, taking a trip down memory lane!


5 years ago – the start

Traveling has always been a way for me and my husband to really connect and getting closer together. When we first met he worked as a pilot and I worked in the traveling industry. After a few years we started a family and traveling became a bit more challenging. Our very first long flight with our little girl was a mess! Our carry-ons where filled with diapers, toys, some clothes and when she (finally) fell asleep her legs and arms across the seats, didn’t give us much space to relax. The struggle was real… 

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

Christina and Halvor

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

Emrik and Isak, the middle and youngest children of Christina and Halvor

The first trip

After our first flight as a family, we wondered if this was it. Is it supposed to be this challenging to travel as a family? So, the minute we landed in the US, we searched the web for products that could help us out on the return trip. We quickly realized that we couldn’t find anything that was close to what we were looking for. So, we decided to try and make it our self. Easier said than done, that’s for sure! But we wanted to try anyway, and after talking to friends and family, we knew that there was a lot of families out there thinking and feeling the same way. 

So, we brainstormed around our first flight – what could have made it easier?

The idea of a child getting enough sleep and rest is always a question raised by parents when traveling, for us as well. This is often a “make it or break it” point for many. Many parents do whatever they can to make sure they reached their destination as rested as possible. We book tickets after their sleeping schedule. We try our best to stick to the kids normal routines. And then what? 
You have kids laying across your lap because it’s the only way they can get their well needed rest. I personally don’t feel comfortable of the idea of having my children sleep on the floor. Though, I have considered it many times. It is the safety aspects that does it for me, as I want my children to use the seatbelt whenever they are seated. Part of the trade when your husband is a pilot. 

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

I don’t know about you guys, but let’s talk about the tiny little detail that the parents need their rest as well. I think many agrees with me on the fact that well rested parents is important too. 

We figured by giving the child their own space where they can rest, watch a movie, draw or read we could provide parents with their own space as well. And getting everyone well-rested to the destination is key when starting the holiday!

Launch in 2015

The first samples of the BedBox looked nothing like the one we know today. And it was a lot of testing and hard work to make it useful. Our goal was to have a product that covered many needs, not only one. So it is no coincidence that the BedBox does just that. 

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

The first ever sample of the BedBox

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

The second sample of the BedBox, still some way to go

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

One of our first influencer with the BedBox V1

When creating the BedBox we knew that it had to be multi-functional. Storage for toys, clothes and other essentials for the child. Getting from the security check to the gate easily was something we wanted to solve as well. That´s why the silent, 360 degrees wheels and the weight of the BedBox was very important.

5 years!

Being first with something new is a challenge in itself. We had spent so much time and resources testing and researching before the launch, but we were still not 100% confident that this was a solution the marked would consider. When no one has done it before you cannot learn from their mistakes and successes, you just have to believe in your idea and have the guts to be different.

I must say that it has paid off, after 5 years we have a lot to celebrate. Becoming a global brand in an unimaginable short time. And becoming a part of the Stokke family in 2018, just to name a few.

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

Winning the innovation award at kind & Jügend, 2016 

All of these are huge achievements for a tiny company in Norway. And it is even more amazing when we think that the first samples were made in our garage at home. Many goals has been reached, and new ones has been added over the years. We are eager to see what the next 5 years holds for JetKids.  

Backstage: What does a soda have in common with the BedBox?
Thank you!

JetKids wouldn’t have been anything if it weren’t for our amazing team-players, trusted business-partners and our fantastic design team, Frost

And most importantly, our amazing customers! We are in awe of pictures you keep sending us, kind words and feedback you keep posting. We love to hear and see your experience with the BedBox and other JetKids products. Please continue to share your experience by using the @jetkidscom and #jetkidsbystokke

After 5 years in business, I still have to pinch myself every time I see a BedBox in real life – and I know that will never change! We hope we can be a part of the way families travel with their kids, and hopefully make the journey a little easier.