A little word from our JetKids Crew…!

The JetKids Crew, you say?

We define the JetKids Crew as BedBox owning families who simply love to explore the world with their kids in a way that brings minimum stress and maximum comfort to both kids and parents.

… & JetKids Crew say…?

If you join our Facebook group Flying With Kids, you’ll find a variety of different conversations about people flying all over the world with their children on the BedBoxes. Here are a collection of their thoughts on the ride-on suitcase that is essential when travelling with kids.

1. Toddler Twins on a Transatlantic Flight

“The BedBoxes definitely made our trip easier with twins travelling 1st class.”

Aga flew with her 20 month old twin boys from Detroit, USA to Warsaw in Poland on KLM. A total of 11 hours flying with a transit in Amsterdam.

twin boys suitcase holiday
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suitcase packing holiday
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2. A 4 year old’s essential travel companion

Karen Croy has owned the BedBox for over 2 years and regularly flying across the world with her 4 year old daughter and “Horsey” the BedBox.

Top Tips from Karen:

  • Pack spare clothes on the bottom, sticker books tucked into the side, a couple of favourite small toys, kindle tablet, snacks and water bottle all topped of by the favourite blanket or bunny.
  • Put a blanket over the back of the two seats to make a tent.

“She is comfortable enough to get a decent sleep (last week slept 7 out of the 10 hr flight) and is usually in a deep enough sleep for us to pack the Box away and reposition her on the seat for landing without waking up!

We have probably done a few km’s on our BedBox which has been invaluable particularly when the unexpected happens.  Last year our flight from Ulaanbaator to Beijing was delayed due to bad weather causing us to miss our UK connection.  We were put on a flight the next day and put up in a hotel for the night however, to get out of Beijing airport took 4hrs and involved lots of walking, queuing for our transit visa, queueing for our flight reschedule and queuing for our hotel arrangements.  Our luggage and pram were kept at the airport so having the BedBox for my daughter to travel on, sit on and watch movies in the queue and also keep us sustained with snacks was a godsend.  We appreciate it as a mode of transport as much as for it’s comfort on the plane.

Our BedBox has travelled all over the world and gets attention wherever we go.  We always sing its praises and it has become our essential travel companion. “

3. Goodbye stroller!

Toronto to Lisbon on TAP Airlines was a 8 hour flight for Jasmina and her children aged 2 and 9.

ride on suitcase kids
Copyright Jasmina Pita
“Easy to fit all of 2 year olds toys and blankets. Fun for the 9 year old to pull the little one through the airport. We knew that he was safe and secure and much easier to use then pushing a stroller through a crowded airport.
Use of the bed box was awesome on the flight, 2yo slept great and so did we!”

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