Flying Carry-On Only is NOT Easier

At JetKids we read a lot of blog posts on travelling and one of the common topics is giving tips on how to save cash and time by flying without checking in any luggage. But are the stresses of travelling with the maximum possible cabin luggage allowed worth it?


text over background of planeAirlines often allow one cabin sized suitcase and occasionally a small handbag or laptop case. Yet, do you really want to be carrying the maximum allowed along with a pushchair, and BedBox (assuming this is your essential toddler-transport-slash-changing-bag)? You also need to wear or carry any coat you want to bring with you. Additionally, you will be limited to only a small amount of liquids.

Travelling with kids is hard enough as it is. Having to drag a suitcase in one hand and a toddler in the other is only an unnecessary worry.

The more you take as carry on the more stressed you are likely to be.

You will be more likely to lose something and less likely to easily catch a runaway toddler. Every time you move from one resting place to another you’ll be pick everything up.

boy in pushchair
All You Need

Of course, flying without a carry-on has its downsides. If your luggage gets lost then you will be a bit stuck. Therefore, make sure your baby has their essentials in the changing bag and anything else be resolved eventually. However, is the risk of losing luggage greater than the risk you’ll wear yourself out from the extra burden of things to worry about whilst traveling?

So how little cabin luggage can you get away with? If you are flying alone, you could  get away with taking just a small handbag. Inside would be a passport, a book, a phone, a purse, and at max a laptop. Anything else can be bought if you really need it. If you are travelling with a child, be realistic about the amount of “you” items you’ll have the time to use.

flatlay of items by bedbox
It All Fits

If you haven’t read it already, we have a blog post on how to pack the BedBox for travelling with young kids long-haul. Simply add in your wallet, passport and phone and you are all set!

Ta da! You are virtually hands free! One hand pulling the BedBox with a child sitting on, one hand free or pushing the pushchair with the other child in. This way there is just a tiny greater chance you’ll have the opportunity to buy a coffee before heading to the gate.

What do you think? Do you try check in all your luggage or do you go cabin luggage only? Leave your comments below.