JetKids™ by Stokke® deliver travel and adventure products that combine Scandinavian style and aviation inspired design. Whether you and your loved ones travel by plane, train, ferry or foot, JetKids™ by Stokke® have travel essentials for the entire journey.



At JetKids, we love to travel. Having children hasn’t stopped us from traveling but it has certainly made it more of a challenge.

JetKids offers premium travel products for kids, making both-long haul and short-haul journeys for the whole family less stressful, well rested, and fun.


Christina & Halvor, the founders of JetKids, are well experienced and educated within the aviation and travel industry.

Christina has education within the travel sector, and has worked many years in the industry. Since 2011, she has been the Managing Director of a Norwegian online retail store, specialized in travel with small children. This experience has given her real insight and competence.

Halvor has a broad experience and education within the aviation industry, working for over 16 years for major alines throughout Europe. He has both pilot and aircraft engineering education, and has served as an airline Captain, instructor and mechanic, mostly on the Boeing 737.

Most importantly, Christina & Halvor are also the parents of 3 children, and have first hand experience with the challenges faced when traveling with children.


The idea behind JetKids started in 2008 when Christina & Halvor were flying long haul with their young daughter. Getting her to sleep on the plane was easier said than done and they ended up sacrificing their space as she spread herself out across the seat row and themselves. Neither was it comfortable, nor safe. Using the seat belt in this position was not possible.

After the their first unfortunate flying experience with their young one, they started their research. It seemed to be a common problem for parents flying with children. Some parents solved this by letting their children sleep on the cold floor. Some parents let their children sleep partly on them and partly on their own seat – meaning they couldn’t move for the next 9 hours. Some parents put lots of stuff, like suitcases, pillows and blankets in front of the seat to extend the seat. This required too much work and too many items.


Since the launch of BedBox™, a lot has happened. We are now a team of dedicated people working in Norway and abroad, and since May 2018, JetKids is a part of the Stokke group. Joining forces with Stokke allowed us to bring more exciting and innovative products to market. Crew BackPack™ expands for every adventure thanks to its hidden zipper which increases the BackPack’s storage capacity, and the Merino Wool Blanket, made of luxuriously soft merino wool, keeps your little traveler comfortable during all types of adventure!


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