Creative ways to use your BedBox at home

Challenging times are always the perfect time to be creative and come-up with new innovative solutions. It is known that some of the best ideas have come from moments of crisis. Therefore, at JetKids we have been getting creative with BedBox.

We understand that it can be challenging finding activities and fun things to do while having to stay at home, I mean, there’s only so much we can do right?

Suddenly, our wish of spending more time relaxing with our family has come true and ironically some of us find ourselves wanting to go out more. We look at our suitcases and crave for some traveling, your kid’s BedBox might be sitting around and you are daydreaming for your next trip or simply thinking it is just ‘’standing there’’

To help you in this period we wanted to share with you how our kids made great (and fun) use of the BedBox at home. We hope you like them:


Of course this is our most obvious suggestion. We use this time to chill, sit, watch some movies with our loved ones and just stay in. Then why not using the BedBox for:

1. Sofa leg extension: imagine you are on a flight watching an episode of Pepa Pig for the 9th time, only you’re in your sofa, your kid sitting next to you all watching it or  a fun movie on Netflix. Use your Bedbox for your kid to extend his/her legs as if you were in the cinema (maybe use it for yourself, if your kid doesn’t need it 😉 

2. Lap table: open the extension plate of the lid of the BedBox or leave it closed, just turn it around and easily turn it into a lap table to use while sitting in bed or the couch for your kid to draw or eat

3.Bring your snacks to the sofa: place the BedBox open next to you and feel free to fill it with your favorite snacks and drinks to have at hand

Leg extension

Lid as lap table

Prepare for a puppet Show



Kids are easily bored, and they just can’t ‘’relax’’ all day long. They NEED to play to breathe a bit and feel free to get their daily dose of creativity and the good thing about The BedBox is that it can either be a toy or a device to store them, so here’s a couple of ideas:

1.Ride-on – BedBox dress up: grab some rags, DIY tools and turn the BedBox into a fun character to ride around

2.Puppet show stage: create a story, use the storage part of the BedBox to store all the theatrical equipment, rotate the lid and place up to create a stage for your own puppet show!

3.Toys carry-on: use the BedBox to store some of your kid’s favorite toys to bring to the shower/bath


While playing and chilling is very fun, there might be sometimes to do some learning activities at home too, some of our kids had even have to do some home-schooling and the BedBox works perfectly for this task too:

1.Learning and work desk: being setup just the same way as if you were turning your BedBox into a Bed, just without the mattress, adjust it to your kid’s sitting height and use the box to store books, pencils, crayons, etc and the extension plate to use as a homework desk;)

2.Art work display: using the side poles, attach a string for your kid to hang and display some of his/her drawings . Use the box for all artsy tools

3.Activity or creative brainstorm box: think of fun ideas of things to do, write them down, gather all necessary equipment and store this in the BedBox. When needed, grab an ‘’idea’’ from the box and play!

Study time!

Attach a string connecting both side poles and hang your kid’s artwork 


‘If you are lucky to have your own yard, spring is a good time to get outdoorsy during these times without having to leave home:

1.Play selling lemonade: turn the BedBox into a selling stand for you kid(s) to play lemonade selling , especially fun on these spring sunny days.

2.Make your own garden: you may use a plastic bag to protect the BedBox and use the box to create a real or a DIY garden with your kid

3.Plan a backyard picnic: pack-up some snacks and drinks, a blanket and some toys and bring it outside and have a fun picnic in the sun

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas and we look forward to hearing yours. How do you use your BedBox at home? Please Feel free to share it with us! 😀

If you still do not own a BedBox, get yours here

Stay home, stay safe