Crew BackPack for Home-Schooling

Many of us, including our children, have had to change our routines lately. In many cases this means home office and assisting children with not just regular homework, but home-schooling. The beauty of this is, of course, we get to spend more time at home with our loved ones. Bringing our daily routines home can be challenging when we’re used to going out to set our minds for productivity, so in these cases it can help to “trick” the mind into knowing when it’s time to work.

This is applicable to our children too. Therefore, it’s important and beneficial to create new routines and find the motivation to help us and them achieve the productivity still expected of us.

Getting dressed, meal-prepping and planning for the day are positive steps that help us prepare for the day. And, in the case of home-schooling, the Crew BackPack is a great asset!

For the time being, we’re all doing our best to create a “new normal” for us and those around us. At JetKids, we think it’s good to try to keep some of the same daily routines we have had in the past.

In many parts of the world, we’ve have started to send our kids back to school and kindergarten, with limitations. The following tips are for all our JetKids Crew Members still based at home or slowly getting back to school again:

  • Wash hands
  • Grab the Crew BackPack
  • Add a pencil case filled with pencils, and eraser and pens
  • Add coloring books, tablet or laptop and an agenda 
  • Don’t forget to a stuffed animal or favorite toy (yes, it’ll fit) 
  • Add some snacks 
  • Wash hands again 
  • Get dressed to head outside, including shoes and jacket
  • Put the Crew BackPack on and make sure to fasten it with the adjustable chest strap for a comfortable fit
  • Let’s go – new adventures are waiting!

Well done, your little ones are all set to attend school/pre-school! After a little stroll around the block/house “pretending” to go to school, of course. We’re going ALL in! Here a suggested school day routine for your kids:

  1. Take off the Crew BackPack and hang it over a chair using the shoulder straps or one of the hooks under the lid.

    Tip: For easy access to the backpack’s content, use the hook placed on the inside of the lid. You can now access the backpack while keeping the lid open.

  2. Remove shoes/slippers and coat and place them where your mama tells you to (please!)
  3. Wash your hands – yes again! Especially if you’ve came from outside.
  4. Head over to your learning zone to be seated for your home-schooling session
  5. Last but not least: listen to your parents and make the most out of this brand new day, collecting memories and learning new things. A perfect school-day… at home!
Hanging the BackPack and using the internal hook
Fit all your kid's school supplies in the crew backpack

Now, for you parents:

  1. Prepare for a break 
    While your kids are studying, fill the Crew BackPack with a snack to bring to a break zone in the house. Share a bite before continuing with your respective duties.
  2. Hide a reward
    It might be test day or just a long stressful day, so why not hide a surprise for your kids to find at the end of the school when packing up for the day.
  3. Have an outdoor school day
    For those nice and sunny spring days, if you have a balcony or a yard, why not home-school outside? Crew BackPack comes with a pull-out seat pad perfect for sitting on the grass or any surface to make it more comfortable. Or simply use it as a support to lay notebooks, laptops, or tablets on the ground without worrying about dirt.
  4. Stay safe:
    As mentioned, it’s good practice to wash our hands regularly, but having a hand sanitizer available helps too. It is easy to pack this inside the small storage bag included with the Crew BackPack, together with school supplies. Remind each other to keep your hands clean, especially before having that snack during the break. Pack a small water bottle and remember to stay hydrated, indoors or outdoors!


We hope you have enjoyed our little routine. If you and your kids have already created your own, please share it with us using the hashtags #jetkidscrew and #jetkidsbackpack on your preferred social media platform, or tagging @jetkidscom on Instagram.

If you use your Crew BackPack at home or any other JetKids product, we would love to see and read all about it too.

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If you still don’t have a Crew BackPack, get yours now.

Until we see you high up in the sky again, take care, stay safe and keep on dreaming of your next adventure!