Exploring local with the Crew BackPack™

2020 invited us to stay closer to home. And with this, adventures meant creating magical travels from your kid’s bedroom, or a small walk to the local park to enjoy fresh air once a day. Exploring local with the Crew BackPack™ was something many of you did last year. It proved to be a convenient gear for your kid because it expands (and adapts!) for every adventure and everyday living/life!  So why not keep on dreaming this year with more adventurous activities close to home?

We do not have to go far to have fun, and as you may know already, kids are most often very easily entertained and amazed by the small things. We should learn from that, too!

A Local adventure can start as close as your home imagining a dreamy trip from your child’s bedroom. It can then bring you to the garden for a camping experience, setting up the tent for a fun afternoon or a peaceful night. It can be an urban escape, just getting around your block, or discovering new places in your hometown while strolling around. For the luckiest, it can be a weekend away to break the routine and re-energize the whole family, traveling by car, for instance.

The point is, you will end up exploring places we took for granted and thought you knew, suddenly discovering them even though, they have been there for years. Can you relate?

Let us start with small steps:

Step 1: Dream
Imagination and creative play are how children learn about the world, and it is vital for their development. During these times, where travel is not an option for most of us, let us travel in our imagination! Find travel magazines, make a collage with the places you and your kid would like to visit someday, or have a theme day with food and games related to your dream destinations. The world is truly your playground!

Step 2: Go Camping (or Glamping, if camping is not your thing)
You can start in our backyard, setting up a tent for a fun afternoon or a night full of dreams. Always the occasion to develop bonding between siblings and with the parents. Play with crafts, and teach your little ones how to make a bonfire, and eat S’Mores (there is always a good excuse for S’Mores)

Step 3: Take a walk around the block
You are probably doing this already as a small escape from your daily routine and have realized already how much this helps. Besides, just at walking distance from home is already a lot for our little ones; enough to experience, discover and create memories. Now make it an adventure: Play to see how many red cars you can count, how many dogs you find in your way, or snacks from the store you can fit inside the Crew BackPack™, anything can be fun!

Step 4: Weekend getaway
For the luckiest (and more adventurous spirits), even just a few miles away from home is far enough to break the routine and re-energize the whole family. Rent a cabin or visit a nearby town, and maybe discover new hiking trails you have not seen before.

Step 5: A full week away
One of the benefits for many doing home-office and home-schooling is the fact that you can do it from anywhere. This is called Bleisure and we talked a bit about it in our previous blog post.  Take a train (if safe) or hop-on the car, pack your suitcases and your kid’s BedBox™ in the car trunk, and you are all ready to explore.

Because of our Scandinavian roots, and the tradition to be outside even when it is cold or grey, in Norway we tend to say: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” So, if it is cold outside, put a pair of good shoes and gloves on your kid and enjoy this time of the year as we do as Norwegians!

Exploring local with the Crew BackPack™ (and the Merino Wool Blanket) can help you along the way and make your experience easier and more fun, while continuing growing the autonomy and confidence of your kid. After all, that is what travels are for: learning, growing, and creating memories.  

#didyouknow the Crew BackPack™ comes with a removable seat pad? Now you do!

The seat pad included in the Crew BackPack™ is perfect for those little pit-stops if your kid’s feet get tired. It is a convenient way of always having a dry, warm, and clean place to sit; and perhaps enjoy the view.

But what does “local” mean? You choose! Your city, your region, your country: there is room for fun and memorable adventures everywhere! Finally, you will hopefully be able to go on holiday for a longer time and take this train ride or flight you were waiting for a while!

At JetKids™, we always try to show what our products are made for: going on First-Class adventure With Kids, and the constant adventures-dreaming spirit.  This means that no matter where you are headed, or how far or close from home you will be, your little one will be set from the moment you all start dreaming about your next adventure.

In the meantime, take a breath, enjoy some fresh air, and welcome to the outdoor adventures!


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