Family Travel around the World

“I fancied the challenge of going by myself.”

worldwide family travel

We cam across Yuge on Instagram when she tagged us and the BedBox in one of her pictures. In her caption, she had written how she had traveled alone with her two sons Leo (aged 2) and Albert (aged 4) form London to Beijing. We were so impressed and interested in her story that we reached out to her. She has been kind to share with us, and you, her family travel experience this summer. The family was actually embarking on a yearlong travel-the-world-adventure! And her husband would join them in a month after finishing his work projects.

The family are no stranger to travel, having explained to us that the BedBox have proven useful on several long and medium haul flights. In the past 2 years, the family has travelled from their home in London to Beijing, China; Cape Town, South Africa; Split, Croatia; Almeria and Tenerife, Spain and Szczecin in Poland.

Leo (2) and Albert (4) family travel

Leo and Albert

we’re off

The first leg of their journey was flying London to Beijing, where they would see some of their family. The some 10 hours flight from London to Beijing was embarked on by Yuge, Leo and Albert. When asked about her thought on taking the two children alone she said that “I fancied the challenge of going by myself.”

She goes on to tell us that “For us, the BedBox is an essential item on any flight longer than a couple of hours. It makes particularly facilitating solo travels with the kids easier as it frees up my hands”.

Family Travel around the World
family travel
up in the air

The reason Yuge uses the BedBox is because “It’s handy in a variety of ways: Firstly, its primary purpose, providing an extension to the seat so children can lie down. We found that it worked well for both our boys as soon as they had outgrown the baby bassinet. The included mattress and bumper ensure a clean, comfy and safe surface for them to lie on while staying strapped into the seatbelt. Secondly, it provides additional storage space for on-flight items. We use it for food items, toys, books or nappy changing equipment. Thirdly, the boys like pulling it along as well as riding on it and being pulled (either by us adults or each other) or whizzing around with it themselves. They affectionately refer to it as their “racing car”.

Family Travel around the World
finally there

Safely landed in Beijing and surrounded by family, the boys have adjusted well and as usual don’t seem to have any issues with jet lag. “They’re just being their happy little selves. I get a lot of praise from fellow passengers and other people for being brave travelling on my own with two small children, but to be honest, they make it pretty easy for me. It´s not that I don’t ever have to get firm, but I rarely despair as they’re pretty easy going in general.”

Driving through Beijing today, Yuge got a little emotional missing her husband, James, as it’s where they met. “Lots of memories of being young, carefree and in love just remind you of how far we’ve come. I certainly can’t wait for him to join us in a month and a half.”  

Family Travel around the World
Family Travel around the World

If you would like to follow along their family travel, Yuge posts regularly on Instagram! @song.of.the.universe

We wish them an amazing year and a wonderful journey!

If you would like to share your journey with us, use the @jetkidscom or #jetkidsbystokke on Instagram or send us a PM anywhere. We love to know your experience on traveling with children with or with out the BedBox.



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