Flying First Class With Children

BedBox® is the ultimate travel gadget for children from birth until 7 years of age. It is your child’s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and inflight bed/leg-rest, all in one. Designed in Norway, by parents, travelers and aviation people.

Travelling with children can be stressful, tiring and demanding. The ride-on aspect of our BedBox makes getting through long airport corridors easier, quicker and much more fun. Because of the adjustable wheels, the BedBox handles better than dad’s sports car. And as a plus, we made it into a suitcase according to carry-on dimensions. So you can use it as nappy bag or allow your kids to pack for themselves.

BedBox in used on the plane
Photo taken by @wishesandwellies (Instagram)

But what about the part of the journey that you spend in the air? For many parents, the real hassle about traveling starts when entering the aircraft. Getting a child to sleep on the plane, can be one of the most horrendous parts of travelling with a young child. Yet solutions for children sleeping onboard most aircrafts are very limited.

The flight attendant might tell your child to get off the floor (not most comfortable option anyway!). If you have the luxury to have a row of seats to yourself, you might allow your child to sleep across the row meaning they cannot use the seatbelt (not the safest option!). And finally, if they are asleep on you; you cannot move (not the most practical option!). Therefore, the BedBox comes to the rescue: for you, your child, and every other passenger on board who wants quiet flight!

Giving your child the option to lie down fully stretched out, or using it as a leg rest if they are older, means they can still use the seat belt and get some shut eye. As a parent it means you can sit back, enjoy your inflight meal and watch the inflight movies undisturbed.

So. Yes, it’s a suitcase. Yes, it’s a bed. Yes, it’s a miracle.

The BedBox is available to buy here.