Food for Flying: Giveaway!

Staying hydrated and well nourished whilst flying is extremely important.

We often emphasis this at JetKids. It helps keeps kids and parents happy, energised and reduces the effects of jet-lag when coordination with the time at destination. It can be hard to ask kids to wait for the meals provided inflight.

What is allowed?

Generally restrictions on what foods you can take past security do not vary globally. Liquids of more than 100ml are not allowed for instant and some countries may have an issue with you taking in certain produce. This only applies once you land and go through customs control.

Infants are allowed to have with them their milk. Expressed breastmilk, water for formula and premixed formula are all acceptable. You may be asked to taste the milk at security or open it so they can run a quick test.

Other suitable foods for young children like purées and fruit pouches are also allowed but it is best to make sure they are in containers no larger than 100ml. Have these ready to present to security for screening.

Solids (note jams and preserves are not solid) are allowed and there are no restrictions on these.

JetKids BedBox Bulkhead Seats
@wishesandwellies (Instagram) keeps her JetKids Crew Members hydrated with their own bottles.

Our Recommendations

Rather than opening up all food at once, keep foods separately so you can space it out. This keeps kids entertained for longer and reserves some in case of an “emergency” (a tantrum!) Remember if you are trying to encourage your kids to sleep on the flight, it is best not to give them sugar beforehand! You may also want to think about what foods make the least amount of mess to avoid spoiling clothes. Crisps, chocolate and pasta sauce are known for these disasters!

• Little Pots of treats

Use little containers to fill up on sweets, biscuits, dry cereal or fruit. Remember to put in correct portions into the containers. Taking away a container half full of m&ms from a 2 year old may cause scene!

Snacks and Drinks with BedBox
A rice cake and water in a sports cap bottle for story time

• Lunch box

Use a lunch box with an ice pack to keep some lunch cool. Sandwiches, carrot sticks, pasta salads work really well for easy and filling meals whilst flying or at the airport.

• Fruit Pouches

Fruit pouches are a great way to keep children hydrated if they are not keen on drinking liquids. They are also great to give on take off and landing as the sucking movements will help to pop ears when the air pressure changes.

• Drinks

Take empty bottles and fill them up once you are through security. Water, milk or a little diluted juice works because.

milk before bed xan craven
A bottle of milk before bedtime.

The Giveaway!

Now for the reason you read this post! We are offering two people a “JetKids Food Kit” to fill their BedBox with for their next flight. This way people who have already got a BedBox can enter, and people planning to buy one are welcome to enter too!

There will be 3 prizes each for the 2 winnings. We have separated them into 2 age groups to best suite your child.

The baby/toddler Food Kit will include:

  • A bottle warmer from WarmZe which heats the contents of a bottle to provide a warm drink.
  • A travel bib from to neatly put away when not in use.
  • A box of 20 reusable food pouches from Cherub Baby.
    flying with a baby food essentials
    Essential foods items for travelling with a baby or toddler

The toddler/child Food Kit will include:

  • Airtight storage pots which stack together from Inno Baby.
  • SipSnap universal sippy cup lids with a case, the lids fit onto any regular cup.
  • A lunchbox with integrated icepack from Frozzypack.
    Frozzypack SipSnap and Innobaby
    Perfect for toddlers and young kids

How to enter:

  • Head to our Instagram and/or Facebook @jetkidscom and follow us.
  • Like our post referring to the Giveaway.
  • Tag a friend and let us know which age range you want.
  • You tag more friends in a new comment each time for more entries but you need to specify which age range you want every time.
  • One entry – One comment – One friend – One age range
  • You can enter as many times as you like with a new name each time.

Competition ends 9th October 2017 at 11AM Central Europe Time. 

How the winners will be picked:

We will write each entrant name on a piece of paper and enter into a BedBox. There will be an Instagram story showing a JetKids team member picking a name from the BedBox. The winners will then be tagged in an Instagram story and messaged privately on either Instagram or Facebook depending on where they entered.

The details:

This competition is open globally. The products will be coming from Norway. They will be marked as gifts for customs but the value of the products may be above your country’s threshold and therefore you may be liable to pay an import or duty tax.

This competition is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any of the brands in the competition.

There is no BedBox being given away in this competition. Only the products mentioned above will be entered.

If the winner has not provided their address within a week, the prizes will be given to another entrant.