For once they are asleep…

boy asleep on bedbox

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You’re flying long haul for your much needed and very deserved vacation. After the first meal is cleared, you look at the flight data on the screen in front of you and see another 8 hours of flight to go. 

Sealed in, no cellular network, nowhere to go and no chores needing to be done. Your little one is asleep on their BedBox on the seat next to you. They eventually dosed off after a light meal and bedtime story. Tucked up, they are now in dreamland for the next 7-8 hours, recharging their Duracell batteries ready for whizzing around the airport tomorrow morning upon landing. 

8 hours left. What will you do?

It’s been ages since you’ve had a long haul flight without needing to walk up and down the aisle soothing a teething toddler, convincing a 5 year old they can’t kick the back of the seat, or attempting to split up a fight between two siblings. You may be off on vacation, but this may be your only chance at a little me time

Here is what the parents at JetKids get up to during their long haul flights with kids…

Check out the inflight entertainment

Seeing as parents rarely get the chance to go to the cinema, the inflight entertainment system actually has films available you probably haven’t seen. These are usually films have have just finished being shown in the cinema and yet to be released on Netflix. And don’t worry, it is totally acceptable to be blubbering away mid flight during the key scenes.

Remember, never to fly anywhere without downloading an episode or two onto your phone or laptop of your favourite program. Why not use this opportunity to binge watch BBC’s Fleabag or HBO’s Handmaid’s Tale? 

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag

Read a book

As you’ve read from our interview with Dana Obleman, screens are not beneficial for a good night sleep. If you’re looking for a light activity before getting to sleep then a book is definitely the most recommended option. How long has it been since you last had the chance to read more than a page?

Open up that novel you’ve been saving for the beach, put on some noise cancelling headphones with the sound of lightly crushing waves against the shores and you’ll never know that you’re not yet at your destination whilst you’re deep in the world of the author.

If you’re looking for a book suggestion, Normal People by Sally Rooney is the hottest book this summer. 

Front Cover of book called Normal People


Yes, we’re very Norwegian. Knitting is a great way to relax the mind and there are so many stylish patterns out there to make the cutest matching winter merino wool jumpers for the children.

two hands knitting

Bathroom Breaks

And lastly, now that you no longer have an adorable snoring lump lying across you, you can actually go to the bathroom without waking them up! 

Date Night

You heard us right. Order a glass of wine each and enjoy some adult time. Either watch a film together or simply run through your holiday plan together appreciating the rarity of having uninterrupted talk with your loved one.

If you’re like us at JetKids, you’ll agree that there is never enough time to truly read your destination’s Lonely Planet Guide but remember to bring it anyway so that you can go through with your partner discussing which points are a must for this vacation.

women and man arm in arm


Ultimately this is the most important activity of your flight now that you have some peace for yourself. Invest in a good neck pillow, you won’t regret it. Order a green tea from the bar and dose off into a deep sleep.

If you have troubles sleeping on flights, we recommend you download the Calm app on your phone. Listen to “Blue Gold” read by Stephen Fry and let him transport you to the lavenders fields of Provence.

For once they are asleep...


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