JetKids 2021 Travel Trends

Based on the circumstances and people’s opinion, we can try to guess what the Travel Trends for 2021 will be and at JetKids, we want to share them with you! 

A lot changed worldwide in 2020, and when it comes to travel, the 2021 outlook seems to be determined by those changes. We have learned that many things can be done differently or seen from a different perspective. The way we travel and work are some of those things that for sure will be different this year. 

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  • Bleisure Travel combines business with travel and looks like it could become a permanent trend this year. Many of us had to take work from home and companies have seen the benefit in remote working. Bleisure travel offers you the possibility of not having to take time off to enjoy a holiday (big or small) with your family. Your kids can also pack their books and do home-school while being away, and after all home-work and home-office is done, you are all ready to enjoy the place you have gone to. 

Bleisure travel
Bleisure travel


  • FIT travel involves camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities with the premise of staying active. A poll we carried out on our Social Media Channels showed us that many of you will be doing this more than in previous years. There are many Instagram accounts out there of families who enjoy this kind of traveling and show us amazing tips to make the best out of them (with kids!) If you are looking for inspiration, We recommend Rosie’s account from @sunshine.sparrows who together with her two kids, is always out for adventures! 

hiking with the crew backpacks
hiking with the crew backpacks


  • Glamping became a thing because not everybody likes the idea of camping, but the concept is appealing to many. Glamping is becoming a popular trend as it combines the base idea of camping with the comfort and luxury of a high-end holiday.

The phenomenon has filled a gap for everyone who wants to be close to nature without the potential hassle associated with regular camping. There’s no need to carry heavy equipment around, and you can forget about cold sleeping bags and leaking tents. – Visit Norway

From hanging cocoons, glass igloos, to yurts, glamping offers you a comfortable adventure into the wild, and all year round.

Glamping with jetkids
  • Reunion Travel. After being separated from our loved ones for many months, it is natural to anticipate many of us traveling to reunite with friends and family. Some of these reunions may even end up in permanent relocation to be close to family.

This trend has become popular among the younger generations, with 61% of those under 50 interested in moving permanently and 47% interested in temporarily moving to be close to their loved ones.- Entrepreneur 

family reunion


  • Exploring local/Staycations. Many of us have found hidden gems in our home cities or countries that otherwise we would not have noticed. Normally, a tourist would know of more places in our home cities that ourselves, only because they see it with first-time eyes. This last year has invited us to look outside our normal route to the store and take a longer ride/walk. Staycations have become a thing and most likely will become a bigger trend this year. It invites us to be proud of what is ours and share it with the world. The same poll we ran on our Instagram account showed us that 81% of voters will most likely be exploring their surroundings this 2021.

Exploring local
Exploring local


  • Road-trip seems to be a bigger thing this year, even more than in 2020. Not only the travel industry is more prepared, but we have discovered there is a lot to enjoy from this. If you would like some inspiration about it go to this blog, we wrote with some road trip stories here

JetKids 2021 Travel Trends


  • Trains, on the other hand, are one of our favorite options, and in Europe, a go-to when traveling. It is a fun, no-footprint way of travel that focuses not only on the destination, but on the journey itself. It inspires us to explore and enjoy traveling in a whole different way. Trains are making a come-back and some sources even claim that it will soon become ‘’the new exclusive way of travel’’ . Want to get inspired? read this 7 of the Best Train Rides in the World article. At JetKids, we have spoken about this topic before and you can read it here 

Train Travel with the BedBox


  • Air travel continues to be our favorite way of traveling. The world seems to be with one foot out of the door for when it is safe to fly and finally go on that so dreamed-for holiday to the Maldives, or South of Spain. In the meantime, making sure the right time comes seems the most prudent thing to do while we enjoy other ways of going on adventures.

    Experts’ opinion this year will be paramount, and some good news from them seems to be the fact that traveling season will most likely be more distributed throughout the year as many of us can work from anywhere! 

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If you are looking for further inspiration, we personally enjoyed reading this Seeker article about this year’s trends.

We would love to know how you are planning on traveling this year, because no matter which adventure are you on, we’ve your little one covered 😀 Take us with you by tagging us as @jetkidscom or using #jetkidsbystokke 

Thank you for reading and Happy 2021 full of fun travels!

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