The JetKids Award Winning Story

A fairy tale from Norway…

Once upon a time, there was a couple from Norway, who traveled to Kind + Jugend* wanting to introduce their dream to the world. There, they became the winners of the Innovation Award in the Moving & Traveling Kids Accessories Category.

Years earlier, they flew with their daughter for the first time and came up with an idea to make traveling with kids easier.

Despite not having any knowledge, nor experience in the industry, they wanted the best for their kids. They carried all their hopes and dreams in their newly launched product: The BedBox.

The BedBox 20 litres capacity was not enough to fit all the plans the couple had for this invention. They wanted to introduce to the world the result of years of work on a market new to them.

Little they knew that their presence in this fair would be the biggest step this entrepreneur-couple would ever take!

The full story on how they came up with the BedBox idea can be read in full here

The JetKids Award Winning Story

50% of that entrepreneur-couple was me, Christina. Today, I want to tell you a little bit more about the moment we changed JetKids’  fate.

When participating in Kind + Jugend back in 2016, we had just launched the BedBox online in Norway. Participating in the fair was a way to get a few retailers interested in having the BedBox on their stores. 

We wanted to dream BIG and we did, but when the fair was getting closer, all we could think about was: what if we do not get any response at all? What if we are the only ones who like this? have we misread the market?

With a big container of goods ready to be shipped from Norway, it was more than just the BedBox, this was a make-it-or-break-it moment. 

The JetKids Award Winning Story
The JetKids Award Winning Story

Fairs of this size are overwhelming, some brands build full-sized shops in a few days, and have a crew working around the clock. It is bigger, better, and more beautiful each year. 

The JetKids “crew”, was only a party of three, who set up the stand in a couple of days. It was a lot of work sice all you got was a couple of walls and some lights. The rest of the set up was all up to you.

We all learned that it is not the wrapping that matters, it is the hidden gem inside that counts! 

We were nominated for the category of ‘Moving and Traveling / Kids Accessories. The possibility of winning this award made the days before the fair even more exciting.

The five days at the fair were truly a fairy tale. Our concerns about low interest, and long days with no visitors could not be further away from what we experienced. We met many interesting people, got a lot of attention, met retailers, buyers, and distributors from all over the world. Long story short, it was a success! 

 Being one of the nominees and finally one of 4 finalists was nerve-wracking! Other nominees in our same category were very well-known brands so it is no secret we were HONORED for winning this prize in such a great company! 

The JetKids Award Winning Story
The JetKids Award Winning Story

The moment they announced the BedBox as the Award Winner in the “Moving And Traveling Kids Accessories” category, was the moment we knew we had played our cards right. Now it was up to us to do everything we could to give the BedBox the start it deserved by:

  1. Continue taking the right decisions

  2. Holding our ground 

  3. Focusing on our original plan (despite having interesting offers thrown our way)

The most valuable thing for us as product developers was getting this important stamp of approval. Specially coming from an industry we were completely new to, and them acknowledging everything we had done up until that moment, was priceless. We did our best to create something no-one had ever seen or had a solution to. Being awarded as an original, is truly the biggest recognition JetKids could ever ask for.

We also pride ourselves on having our signature with the classic clean colors, aviation-inspired designs, and good quality. Products to be used and pass on to younger siblings.

The JetKids Award Winning Story

Becoming the Kind + Jugend award winner for a start-up company like ours is a dream come true. It became the moment that changed the story of the BedBox as soon as it was announced the winner. 

This fairy tale includes a lot of hours of hard work, effort, and extremely nerve-wracking decisions. But if you ask me if it is worth it, the answer will always be: YES! No doubt about it! 

We have always been very clear on wanting to be in the driver’ seat, taking the final decisions, designing what we love and most importantly, what our customers want and need. We aim to continue being able to improve ourselves, thanks to the precious feedback we get from our customers. This is the fuel that keeps the JetKids Crew working into getting better,  innovating, and developing exciting ideas for new products and hopefully, more awards to win.

– Christina

  • *Kind + Jugend: Europe’s biggest fair in Cologne. The International Leading trade Fair for premium baby and toddler products

Did you enjoy this? Let us know how we can improve, and which products you would like for us to add to our portfolio. Contact us or leave a review here.


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