JetKids Fly me to the Moon Collection

The JetKids’ brand New Collection with colors out of this world, has just landed!

Earth’s Moon has been the starting point for human curiosity and mystery for centuries. The Moon does not only play an important part in making Earth a more livable planet, but it has also played an important role in humanity’s stories, myths, songs, and fairy tales. It is also the only place beyond Earth where humans have ever set foot, making it the longest travel ever made.

This magical orb has then inspired us to create this New JetKids Fly me to the Moon Collection.

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How did we come with this new collection?

At the beginning of the year, we asked you, community on social media or #JetKidsCrew which colors would you like to see our BedBox in. Among the replies, we noticed, many of you suggested neutral colors that went from light/beige/white tones to black/grey/charcoal ones.

Fly me to the Moon was born thanks to all of you, and your valuable feedback!

Our Moon doesn’t shine, it reflects. Just like daytime here on Earth, sunlight illuminates the Moon. Once a month, Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth’s perspective, and this is what we call Full Moon. Then every year, earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight falling on the Moon, and this phenomenon is called a Lunar Eclipse



Based on this, and the feedback we received, The Fly Me to the Moon Collection was put together in two basic colors: plain light or Full Moon, and plain dark or Lunar Eclipse.

New JetKids BedBox colors

Another big part of the feedback we received was how much people love the current stickers included in the BedBox, and suggestions to get new designs were also abundant.

As a result, we bring a new universe of colorful stickers, designed to remain child friendly, which allow your little one to personalize their BedBox while improving their motor skills.

Light or dark, the base Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse new colors of the BedBox provide a clean canvas for these new sticker sheets featuring George the alien, Tara the rocket, and Jamal the astronaut, among many other fun characters. These stickers come in bright popping colors for the BedBox to stand out when traveling.

Full Moon BedBox sticker sheets
Lunar Eclipse BedBox with stickers
fly me to the moon new bedbox colors with new stickers

With the Fly me to the Moon Collection, we also introduce the new Crew BackPack™ in the light Full Moon color, to match perfectly with all the JetKids products.

The new Crew BackPack™  comes in a Fly Me To the Moon-inspired dust bag, ideal for every-day use.

Full Moon BedBox and Crew BackPack on the plane
JetKids Fly me to the Moon Collection

The BedBox At a glance

A trip begins the moment you start dreaming about it. It is not about the suitcase, it is about the dream.

The only Ride-on, Carry-on, and Sleep-on suitcase for children.

Fun and functional with 23lts of storage capacity, BedBox™ holds all your child’s must-haves. Once packed, let your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport, train, or ferry terminal for stress-free transport. Once comfortably seated, BedBox™ transforms from a suitcase into a bed in 5 simple steps.

Fly me to the Moon BedBox set up on the plane

The Crew BackPack– At a glance

The backpack that expands to fit all kinds of travels. The Crew BackPackTM is designed to meet all of your little one’s travel needs. Either for short trips to the park, school or for longer journeys to visit family and discover new places. The Crew BackPackTM expands to give your child 2L/68oz of extra storage, making room for more essentials. The durable water repellent fabric makes it suitable for (almost) every type of weather with a pull-out seat pad for added comfort.

JetKids™ is all about dreaming big, so keep-on dreaming!

About the Bundles

Our Bundles are also available in the new colors! Did you know Crew BackPackTM fits inside BedBoxTM and can also be attached to it?

The Merino Wool Blanket is still available, in its timeless, Pebble Grey color.

Full Moon BedBox and Merino Blanket
JetKids Fly me to the Moon Collection

We hope you love the new Fly me to the Moon Collection as much as we do, and we cannot wait to read which side of the Moon is your favorite!

Please share all your feedback tagging us as @jetkidscom and #jetkidsbystokke

Fly me to the Moon new BedBox colors

Get Fly me to the Moon now and join us in this new universe by using the hashtag #jetkidsbystokkemoon


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