Meet the JetKids Bundles

Have you heard and seen us talking about our JetKids Bundles?

Whether the answer is yes or no, we would love for you to meet the JetKids Bundles and get to know what they are all about. They were created early this year after seeing a trend in our sales. We noticed many of you were purchasing our products in specific combinations. Seeing how popular some of those product combinations were, we decided to bundle them up. By doing this, we could offer you a greatly reduced price for your purchase.

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The JetKids Bundles offer a solution to each type of adventure. Whether you go on a long-haul trip, a hike, a sleep-over, or a weekend getaway, by choosing any of them, your kid will be set.

Meet the JetKids Bundles:


1. The Daycation Bundle: Crew BackPack™ + Merino Wool Blanket

This bundle allows you to save 30% on the individual price of each of these products. This combination is very popular as it allows your kid to be prepared for short adventures or even a day at school.

Pack a few toys and snacks together with the Merino Wool Blanket, and they are ready to go. The Crew BackPack™ is made of a resistant water repellent fabric and comes with a removable seat pad, perfect for picnics, a day at the park, etc. Its size is also perfect to fit a tablet, and thanks to its 3 different hooks, you can hang it (almost) everywhere.

Travel Bundle

2. The Travel Bundle: BedBox™ + Crew BackPack™

Save almost 15% of the individual price of each product when purchased together. This is our most popular bundle, and it offers packing solutions for all kinds of adventures. The Crew BackPack™ fits perfectly inside the BedBox™ even when expanded. The Crew BackPack™ can also be attached to the BedBox™ if there is no space left inside. Take both when you are in need, or leave one at home for shorter trips.

Sleepy Bundle

3. The Sleepy Bundle: BedBox™ + Merino Wool Blanket

Want your kid to have a cozy trip? The soft Merino Wool Blanket is the perfect companion, especially on those 1st class trips that only the comfortable sleep-on BedBox™ feature can provide.

You can roll the Merino Wool Blanket and store it inside the BedBox™ lid compartment for easy access. Your kid will most likely sleep the whole journey with this bundle and will get you to save almost 10% of their price.


4. The Complete Bundle: BedBox™ + Crew BackPack™ + Merino Wool Blanket

You can guarantee your kid will have a 1st class trip wherever he/she goes. Get all our JetKids products with this bundle and have all the travel solutions you need available for any kind of adventures.

Like the Travel Bundle, this is a popular solution as it allows you to save more than 15% of the individual price of each product. Both the Crew BackPack™ and the Merino Wool Blanket will fit perfectly inside your BedBox™ (even with the BedBox™ mattress inside) and you will still have storage space left if needed.

When purchasing either the Travel Bundle or the Complete Bundle, you will get the possibility to either Match the colors or Mix them as you prefer. Any combination is valid, and we would love to see your favorite one.

Travel Bundle

Did you know…?

  • The BedBox™ complies with the standard carry-on measures and it is allowed as part of your kid’s hand luggage on airlines when your ticket fare permits. It comes with a machine-washable mattress in two pieces, offering you different options when packing and leaving you a 20L left of storage capacity for your kid’s belongings.

  • The Crew BackPack™ expands for extra 2L of storage capacity and can be used by children of all ages (even some adults).

  • The Merino Wool Blanket is made of Woolmark Certified 100% Pure Merino Wool, with protective fibers and dirt resistant outer-layer that prevent the absorption of stains

Which of these Bundles do you think is more suitable for your needs and why? Which other solutions do you wish for us to offer?

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