What to pack when flying long haul with a young toddler

Whether you have never flown before or whether you are on your 500th flight, flying with a young toddler can be a stressful experience. Packing right can make the flight far more bearable. Whilst you do not want to be caught out by not having enough nappies, travelling lightweight can take a whole lot off your mind and arms!

All fits in
It all fits

Of course, what you bring depends entirely on the length of the flight and the age of the child. However we thought we would comply a list of things you will need to bring when flying long haul with a young toddler. Better yet, ALL these suggests fit inside the BedBox WITH the mattress too. In this scenario, we can pretend you are flying alone with your 12 month old on a 10 hour long flight. You will want to check in as much as possible so post-check in time is easier than managing a cabin sized suitcase, handbag, BedBox, pushchair and a young child wanting to toddle off at every opportunity whilst you look for your plane ticket.

“Take a hand bag (or light rucksack) with only the essentials inside for yourself and the BedBox will act as the changing bag for your child. Finally you will only need a pushchair or carrier for your toddler to help them through the airport.” – Christina Holmgren, Co-Founder of JetKids and BarnOmBord


Changing Accessories
  • Nappies (Or diapers as the Americans like to call them!) Take one for each airport you visit, and then another one for every 2 hours you fly. This should mean that you are prepared for the worse but not overflowing with them. In the worse case scenario, there are always nappies available in airport pharmacies.
  • Changing mat. Pick a thin one that can be wiped down easily and just provide that extra bit of cushioning against the aircraft’s hard changing table. As the aircraft changing table is fairly small, there is no need to bring a big changing mat.
  • Baby wipes. Need we explain more? We never ever leave the house without them.
Spare Clothes
  • Sleepwear. A set of easy to change into and comfortable pyjamas bring a little bit of the bed time routine on board with you. There is no need to turn up to the airport in them, but once the BedBox is set up; change your little one into their sleepwear before giving them some bedtime milk and a story. Then they will be all set to sleep.
  • Change of clothes. Don’t forget to bring a spare comfortable top and bottoms as young children just love to make a mess.
  • A bottle. Airport security will usually allow you to take fluid through security as long as it can be proven it is for a young child. However, with a long flight ahead, you may just want to bring it empty and fill it up with whatever drink you get passed security. Giving a toddler a bottle instead of the plastic airline cup diverts from a disaster waiting to happen!
  • Food. Make is simple. Bring food that is easy to eat, not messy and you know your child likes. A fruit pouch, breadstick or pieces of cereal can occupy your child during take off and landing. If you don’t want your child to have the same meal as you, you often have the option to get baby food upon booking your flight.
  • Toys. Don’t give all toys at once, save one or two for a last resort and then surprise your toddler with it to distract them.
  • Books. The best type of book to bring would be small, hard pages so hard to damage, and something that gets your toddler “talking” about it.
Packing Order

Packing strategically will help you during the journey. You don’t need to be taking out a pile of nappies to find a dummy/pacifier whilst at check in. Put the mattress on top of all the belongings in the BedBox. It is most likely the first thing you will get out when you get on the plane, and it saves you taking everything else out to get the mattress out. Make sure you have spare changing of clothing and other less likely used items at the bottom of the BedBox whereas the most needed items nearer the top. Like this everything will stay organised for longer and easier to find.

Alternative Suggestions

Some of the other things you might want to include are: a colouring book, a tablet, a blanket and pillow. What other things would you include? Leave a comment below.