The CREW BackPack

The CREW BackPack

The Crew BackPack has been designed to grow with your child.  It is therefore able to expand with a single zipper, adding an addition 2L to the BackPack. It comes in the same colors as the BedBox for you to be able to mix and match with your existing JetKids products.

The CREW BackPack
The CREW BackPack
The CREW BackPack
traveling and evryday life

The Crew BackPack is designed to be attached to the BedBox. You can even place it inside the BedBox for when only one carry-on item is allowed on aircrafts. This makes it fit for both traveling, with or without the BedBox, as well as in a child’s everyday life. In addition, it is designed in water repellent fabric, so your child will be able to use it in all kinds of weather. We have even included the JetKids wing in reflective material, to keep children safe and seen during their time outdoors. 

The CREW BackPack
The CREW BackPack

The Crew Backpack is designed for children of 2 years and up to 7 years. As you might have seen in surrounding images, it is highly inspired by aviation and flying. We have included an airline seat buckle as an opening and closing mechanism on the BackPack. A Crew name tag and detachable captain stripes are also included as accessories. 


Like every other “designer bag”, the Crew BackPack comes in a practical dustbag, which are equally important to the product features. It is not just perfect for taking care of the product when it is not in use. But it is works as a perfect gym bag for school, or a shoe bag when traveling, or to hold wet towels after a day at the beach. It’s designed in a water repellent fabric and the JetKids by Stokke logo is also stamped in with a reflective material. 

Airline buckle as an opening and closing mechanism on the Crew Backpack
The Crew BackPack in Pink Lemonade and Green Aurora in their dust-bags
The crew BackPack in Pink Lemonade held by a little girl
Want to know even mORE?

When Norwegians are hiking or spending their time outdoors, they often use a seating mat. The reason to use this is to not sit directly on the ground or other cold surfaces. We have included this in the back pocket for both easy access and back support. Another nifty aspect is the inclusion of a zipper at the bottom of the BackPack so you will be able to reach anything you need, the easiest and quickest way possible.  

Keep an eye out on our Instagram for more pictures and specifications. 

The CREW BackPack

Crew BackPack 6L to 8L

The CREW BackPack

BackPack Green Aurora placed on BedBox Green Aurora

Crew BackPack, airplane, backpack, Jetkids, bunny, stuffed animal

The Crew BackPack attached to the tray table on airplanes. 

Crew BackPack™


  • Water repellent fabric with hidden expansion zipper for extra storage
  • Soft but durable padded shoulder straps
  • Hight adjustable chest clip
  • Can be attached to BedBox or stored inside
  • Pull-out seat pad and storage bag included
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Travel Bundle: BedBox + Crew BackPack

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  • BedBox™ is a carry-on sized suitcase for children that turns into a bed in five simple steps, turning an economy seat into first class travel
  • JetKids by Stokke™ Crew BackPack is a premium expandable backpack that grows as your child does
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