The Gramping Travel Trend with JetKids

The ‘Gramping‘ travel trend with JetKids was born as soon as many of you started using the BedBox to share adventures (big or small) with your grandchildren.

‘Gramping’, as Boomer Magazine describes it, is a travel trend that means the action of skipping a generation, for grandparents and grandchildren to bond while going on adventures together. And even though, traveling has been limited lately, this is a trend we at JetKids feel connected to and cannot let pass. It started last year in 2019 and we saw it becoming a real thing during 2020.

visiting grandparents
visiting grandparents

You, grandparents, are a very important part of any family, including the JetKids family. The BedBox has also become a favorite Christmas and birthday gift from grandparents all over the world. For this reason, we wanted to honor you by sharing real stories from real JetKids grandmothers.

visiting grandparents

Charlene and family

Charlene purchased the Nordstrom Signature Edition BedBox and the Daycation Bundle for her grandchildren earlier this year and this is what she shared with us:

We currently live 630 miles away from our grandchildren. Soon they will be living abroad for an extended period. We usually see the little ones every two months for a long weekend. We drive there for those visits. Once or twice a year they come here for a longer visit. Those trips are made by car.

When they visit us, we spend afternoons in the pool, go for bike rides, and read books. Baking cookies for the season is how we pass on family traditions. Visiting historic sites and museums in the area where we live, keep us busy on many afternoons as the children enjoy learning about history and nature.

We can keep time set aside to celebrate birthdays and Christmas together. Sometimes we are plus or minus a few days, but we make sure to celebrate as a family.

visiting grandparents

Charlene’s grandchildren

As Grandparents, we were motivated to purchase the JetKids products for our grandchildren because the family will be moving abroad soon. 

We were looking for ways to help the family travel smoothly and efficiently. The Bedbox and the accessories make children effectively “portable”.

Not needing to take strollers for resting tired children in and of itself was worth the investment. Also, the comfort and safety of having their own “nest” to use on long plane flights give their parents a peace of mind that the children are secure and comfortable.

I am smiling as I write about how the little ones use their BedBox when not traveling. Just this afternoon both were moving small pieces of furniture to create a “road”, a closed-loop, to ride their BedBox on and pretend they are driving cars. They used their BedBox on the car trip here to rest their feet.

Being a grandma opened a new world of joy for me. Being able to see the world once again through the eyes of little ones is such a treasure. They have reminded me that laughter needs to be part of everyday life.

– Charlene Rancher 

visiting grandparents
visiting grandparentsv

‘Rainbow’ is a JetKids grandma who recently purchased a Travel Bundle for her grandson, and she shared this story with us:

My grandson lives in Switzerland and I live in UK. Before the lock down, we were seeing each other once a month, either we would travel to Switzerland or my daughter, husband, and grandson would travel to UK.

We do everything together when he comes to stay. We try doing things he doesn’t experience in Switzerland:  visiting animal parks, playgrounds, and going out for walks with our dog.

My favorite part about having a grandchild is the time I am able to spend having fun and not having to focus on the raising.  The connection we have is very special, unique, and meaningful. The love I feel is overwhelming!

I felt inspired on buying the BedBox as a Christmas present for my grandson because now that he is two, he gets his own seat when flying and take his own luggage.  They often take long haul flights, and I felt this was the perfect combination of fun and practicality.

All the time I spend with my grandson is special.  During these difficult times, technology is wonderful as we are able to speak and see him through a portal connected to the television.


In most countries, children have more days off from school than parents get off from work,. ‘Gramping’ only comes with positive things:

1. Parents are given the free time they deserve.

2. Grandchildren get to go on adventures or do different things instead of being stuck at home.

3. Grandparents get  to pass along their knowledge to a new generation, and to most: live the so-expected retirement years by traveling.

Brooke Vangent @mamacopfer
Brooke Vangent @mamacopfer

An adventure does not always have to take you too far. The idea behind ‘Gramping’ can involve a day trip to the museum, or a walk at the park. Adventure is everywhere and we at JetKids got you covered 😉 

We would love to read about your favorite ‘Gramping’ activity ideas and see your favorite spots. Feel free to tag us on Instagram as @jetkidscom and share this with your favorite grandparents!

Happy Gramping!

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