Wrapped in Merino Wool

Wrapped in Merino Wool

As you walk past a kindergarten in Norway, regardless of the weather, you’ll find the children outside climbing trees, running around and screaming with laughter. Their outfits will be a mix of the latest technical gear and traditional material and patterns that mirror much of Norwegian society: a blend of traditions and progressive society. Under the Gore-Tex clothing you’ll find every child wearing the same: merino wool base layers. In winters of -30C and in summers of +20C.

The superior qualities of merino wool mean allow children to carry on being children regardless of the environment they are in. As we at JetKids launch our first accessory to the BedBox we take a quick look at why we chose this well loved Norwegian essential as the material for our new blanket.

Wrapped in Merino Wool

Whatever the weather

Merino wools helps with temperature regulation, moisture wicking and of course warmth.

You can never quite be sure of what the temperature will be inside a plane. The air conditioning could be blowing a hooley or you could be dripping in sweat waiting for the air conditioning to turn on. Either way, merino wool will adjust and adapt your child’s body to keep their temperature regulated.

Merino wool fibres both absorb and let out moisture. It works in the same way that the body does when it comes to sweating. If it gets too warm, the wool will cool itself down by evaporating the extra moisture. Up 35% of the blanket’s weight in water can be absorbed and carried before it will feel uncomfortable.

Wrapped in Merino Wool

Ditch the itch!

Fine Merino Wool, like the JetKids by Stokke Blanket, can be highly beneficial for children with eczema or other sensitive skin conditions. 

Unlike other wool, merino fibres’ are smaller in diameter and therefore more flexible and softly bend when pressed against the skin. The result being that the wool does not itch like other wools do.

Not only does it not itch but research shows that merino wool can also help alleviate symptoms of eczema by acting as a “second skin” to children’s already damaged skin. The superior quality of the wool absorbs the moisture build up and transfers it away from the skin. 

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Fresh as Linen

Merino Wool contains an antibacterial agent called lanolin which is a wax made of sheep’s wool. It’s most common use is in Lanolin Cream, an ointment used by new mothers to alleviate sores from breastfeeding.

As lanolin can also fight odour, merino wool can endure intense activity without building up an unpleasant smell. This is perfect for those who are spending a long duration travelling, you can feel reassured that our blanket will be just as fresh smelling on the return journey as it is on the way out.

However, if you do have washing facilities, merino wool can be washed on a wool setting as well. 

Wrapped in Merino Wool

UV Protector

You never thought we would be recommending you use a woollen blanket to protect your little ones whilst they slept on a sunny beach did you? Well you heard us correct. Wool absorbs UV light and therefore can protect delicate skin with factors as strong as 30-50 UPF.

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